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ACONCAGUA (6962m) (AZE 002)


The ascent of the Aconcagua (6962m) is more than a dream for mountain climbers from all over the world. With AZIMUT 360 you can be one of the privileged ones. This ascent does not involve any technical difficulty but requires a goof fitness level and excellent acclimatization. Our catalogue roundtrip includes an ascent by the […]

Into the Icecap (2600m) (AZE 012)

The Northern icecap is one of the most beautiful places in the world. AZIMUT 360 opens this site to a wider public thanks to this program that shows you the magic of this white world and offers the option to climb the one of the local peaks such as Mt. Tronco, Mt. Mocho or Mt. […]

LICANCABUR (5916M) (AZE 007)


Discover the highest crater lake in the world and and explore the traces the Incas left behind on this holy mountain.  Licancabur Volcano (5916m) with its perfect slopes stands out from the Andes highland presenting a true challenge to mountain lovers. During the acclimatization period for the climb you will visit the most interesting sites […]


Marmolejo, the most austral 6000m summit of the world,  is located on the Chilean-Argentinean border, only a few miles from Santiago. The ascent requires a very good physical condition since the approach to the mountain takes up some days. Nevertheless, the Marmolejo is relatively easy to climb. This mini-expedition promises fantastic experiences for those who […]

OJOS DEL SALADO (6893m) (AZE 001)


Conquer the highest volcano on the planet and feel the emotion of those who have already walked on the roof of Chile. In the very heart of the Atacama desert, among sandy grounds, salty lakes, emerald lagoons and impressive volcanoes, you will be able to live this adventure, discovering the beauty of an untouched land. […]

PARINACOTA (6342m) (AZE 008)


Located in Lauca national park, Parinacota volcano (6342m) is known for its beauty, its perfect conical shape and its impressive crater. From the summit you have an incredible view on Lake Chungara, Pomerape (6282m) and Sajama (6520m), the highest Bolivian peak. Don’t miss the chance to climb this impressive volcano and to experience the unique […]

PLOMO (5430m) (AZE 006)

aze 006

Climb your first 5000m summit! This expedition is ideal for a first high altitude experience. Mount Plomo (5430m) is an easy mountain that requires no special mountaineering techniques, but just demands a strong will to reach the top and a good physical level. This climb is a perfect way to prepare you for other major […]

San Lorenzo (3706m) (AZE 010)


Mount San Lorenzo (3706m) is the second highest peak of Patagonia and also one of the most spectacular summits in Chile. This ascent is particularly technical and San Lorenzo can be dangerous for those who do not know it. This program is for experienced mountaineers looking for a true challenge while relying on the logistical […]

San Valentin (4058m) (AZE 011)


Mount San Valentin (4058m) is the highest peak of Patagonia. Its location in the middle of the impressive Northern Patagonian Icecap makes it an ambitious climb and a unique experience. This expedition is the maximum challenge of our current catalogue and is only available for experienced mountaineers. Mental discipline is one of the most important […]

TUPUNGATO (6570m) (AZE 003)


On the Chilean-Argentina border, Mount Tupungato reaches an altitude of 6570m with the typical majesty of all volcanoes. This peak, which is wilder and less coveted than others, offers countless possibilities to all those mountain climbers in search of challenges off the beaten track. Either by its normal route (dry) or by its southern face […]