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Great Patagonia treks (AZA 019)


Just enjoy trekking in the wild scenery of Patagonia! The southern tip of America hosts many fabulous national parks and natural treasure. We invite you to to enjoy Patagonia´s most adventurous trails connecting Chile and Argentina along the recently-open pass between Lago O’Higgins and Laguna del Desierto. The tour leads you from Puerto Natales to […]

Into the Icecap (2600m) (AZE 012)

The Northern icecap is one of the most beautiful places in the world. AZIMUT 360 opens this site to a wider public thanks to this program that shows you the magic of this white world and offers the option to climb the one of the local peaks such as Mt. Tronco, Mt. Mocho or Mt. […]

Paine circuit (AZA 005)

Torres del Paine National Park, located at the tip of the Chilean Patagonia, has long attracted adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is no surprise since thrilling snow-capped mountains and vast glaciers are everywhere to be seen. This trek will take you around the Paine massif and allow you to enjoy the most beautiful places […]

Paine W (AZA 006)

The famous “W” is a shorter and lighter version of our “Paine Trek” and refers to the form of the trail we follow. This program is for trekking enthusiasts who wants to visit Torres del Paine National Park. Flora and fauna abound along the trail and it is not rare to spot local Andean ostriches […]

San Lorenzo (3706m) (AZE 010)


Mount San Lorenzo (3706m) is the second highest peak of Patagonia and also one of the most spectacular summits in Chile. This ascent is particularly technical and San Lorenzo can be dangerous for those who do not know it. This program is for experienced mountaineers looking for a true challenge while relying on the logistical […]

San Valentin (4058m) (AZE 011)


Mount San Valentin (4058m) is the highest peak of Patagonia. Its location in the middle of the impressive Northern Patagonian Icecap makes it an ambitious climb and a unique experience. This expedition is the maximum challenge of our current catalogue and is only available for experienced mountaineers. Mental discipline is one of the most important […]



Chilean Patagonia hides one of the most beautiful natural treasures on the planet: The Torres del Paine national park. The granite peaks of the Paine masiff tower inaccessible over the wild landscape of glaciers, colorful lakes and abundant wildlife and vegetation. This program allows you to visit some of the most famous sites of the […]