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Otherworldy beauty

The Altiplano or high plateau is a land of superlatives. It holds immense salt flats, massive active volcanoes, gemmed-coloured lagoons and azure skies. It  neighbours the Atacama desert, which is known as one of the driest areas in the world.

The Atacama Desert is a vast territory, rich in archeological, natural and cultural finds. From the snow capped summits to the Moon Valley, salt flats, geysers fields and oasis, this is a land of technicolor landscapes.

The protected species which live in the natural reserves are the proof that life can sprout in the most amazing and hostile environments.

With more than 300 clear nights a year, the Atacama Desert has optimal conditions for stargazing. The near perfect visibility gives visitors crystal-clear views of the sky.

Azimut 360 invites you to travel this area and experience nature in a pristine, time-stopping way.

Two travel options from the Chilean border

BOLIVIA and South Lipez
The South Lipez area of Bolivia borders with Chile and Argentina and is the highest and most arid area in Bolivia. From the blinding whiteness of Uyuni Salt flat, the largest in the world, to the colour satured palette of the highlands, passing by impressive snow capped volcanos, this is a land of otherwordly beauty.

This is Argentina but not as you know it: the lanscape, high and rugged, is awe-inspiring and the Andean tradition runs deep beneath the colonial shine and the landscape.
The area surroundind Salta and Jujuy is something of a geological marvel with, to the north, Quebrada de Humahuaca and the hill of seven colors.
To the south, Valle Calchaquies is another treasure trove with quebrada de Cafayate and its rock formation in a rainbow of earthy tones.
This is a region of eternal harmony.