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ACONCAGUA (6962m) (AZE 002)


The ascent of the Aconcagua (6962m) is more than a dream for mountain climbers from all over the world. With AZIMUT 360 you can be one of the privileged ones. This ascent does not involve any technical difficulty but requires a goof fitness level and excellent acclimatization. Our catalogue roundtrip includes an ascent by the […]


aza 011

An extraordinary journey rescued from Chile’s history awaits you in this special program for riders and other adventurers. You will follow the same path that the Liberation Army took  in 1817 in their struggle against the Spanish colonial reign. This expedition will lead you right through the Andes passing by some of the highest peaks […]



This trekking program in the region of San Pedro de Atacama allows us to discover the Atacama Desert from another point of view. Splendid walks show us the deep face of this region and reveal to us its most intimate secrets, with the peace and beauty that only trekking can offer. Unforgettable hikes are organized […]

AZIMUT 360 participera au « Experience Latin America » qui auront lieu à Londres

In 1996, the Latin American Travel Association was created to develop better working relationships and improve communications with Latin American travel businesses and to promote Latin America as a tourist destination. Over the years LATA has grown from strength to strength and the LATA community stretches to every corner of Latin America and throughout the […]



This round trip takes you from Calama through the desert up to Arica, allowing you to discover the main attractions of the Altiplano: from the oasis village of San Pedro de Atacama with the moon valley and Tatio geysers to Lake Chungará and its postcard-like setting with volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape reflected in its surface. […]

Eruption du volcan Villarica

Au sud du Chili, le volcan Villarica, l’un des volcans les plus actifs de la région est entré en éruption pour la première fois depuis 15 ans. Des images spectaculaires que les télévisions locales ont largement diffusées. Des flammes de lave, une colonne de cendres et de particules allant jusqu’à 3 kilomètres de haut entraînant l’évacuation […]

Great Patagonia treks (AZA 019)


Just enjoy trekking in the wild scenery of Patagonia! The southern tip of America hosts many fabulous national parks and natural treasure. We invite you to to enjoy Patagonia´s most adventurous trails connecting Chile and Argentina along the recently-open pass between Lago O’Higgins and Laguna del Desierto. The tour leads you from Puerto Natales to […]

Incontournables du Nord Chilien

san pedro

Le grand nord chilien est un monde minéral, marqué par la présence de l’un des déserts les plus arides de la planète : le désert d’Atacama. Pourtant, dans la cordillère des Andes, la vie prospère sur les berges des lacs aux eaux multicolores : bleu turquoise, vert émeraude. Condors, pumas et flamants roses habitent en […]

Inondations dans le désert d’Atacama

Au Chili, l’état d’urgence a été décrété par la présidente Michelle Bachelet et un couvre-feu est en cours la nuit. Des inondations inhabituelles ont dévasté une partie de la région Nord, celle du désert d’Atacama, faisait plus de 10 victimes et une vingtaine de disparus. Les autorités estiment qu’il faudra entre 4 et 6 semaines […]

Into the Icecap (2600m) (AZE 012)

The Northern icecap is one of the most beautiful places in the world. AZIMUT 360 opens this site to a wider public thanks to this program that shows you the magic of this white world and offers the option to climb the one of the local peaks such as Mt. Tronco, Mt. Mocho or Mt. […]