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This trekking program in the region of San Pedro de Atacama allows us to discover the Atacama Desert from another point of view. Splendid walks show us the deep face of this region and reveal to us its most intimate secrets, with the peace and beauty that only trekking can offer. Unforgettable hikes are organized […]


This round trip takes you from Calama through the desert up to Arica, allowing you to discover the main attractions of the Altiplano: from the oasis village of San Pedro de Atacama with the moon valley and Tatio geysers to Lake Chungará and its postcard-like setting with volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape reflected in its surface. […]

LICANCABUR (5916M) (AZE 007)

Discover the highest crater lake in the world and and explore the traces the Incas left behind on this holy mountain.  Licancabur Volcano (5916m) with its perfect slopes stands out from the Andes highland presenting a true challenge to mountain lovers. During the acclimatization period for the climb you will visit the most interesting sites […]

OJOS DEL SALADO (6893m) (AZE 001)

Conquer the highest volcano on the planet and feel the emotion of those who have already walked on the roof of Chile. In the very heart of the Atacama desert, among sandy grounds, salty lakes, emerald lagoons and impressive volcanoes, you will be able to live this adventure, discovering the beauty of an untouched land. […]

PARINACOTA (6342m) (AZE 008)

Located in Lauca national park, Parinacota volcano (6342m) is known for its beauty, its perfect conical shape and its impressive crater. From the summit you have an incredible view on Lake Chungara, Pomerape (6282m) and Sajama (6520m), the highest Bolivian peak. Don’t miss the chance to climb this impressive volcano and to experience the unique […]


Make sure to pack a bottle of water before trekking through one of the world´s driest deserts! Nevertheless, water sources do exist in the Atacama Desert and we will come across some of them on this trip, including oases, fresh water rivers and geysers, which allowed pre-Colombian civilizations to inhabit this otherwise arid land. This […]


San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis located in the heart of the Atacama Desert. In the surroundings of the village, you will find natural treasures such as the moon valley, the salty mountain range, the Tatio geysers, and the Atacama salt flat. The region at the foot of Licancabur sacred volcano, is also a […]


L’altiplano bolivien recèle d’innombrables richesses. L’objectif de ce voyage est et de parcourir toutes les attractions naturelles et touristiques situées entre le pittoresque village de San Pedro d’Atacama et l’incroyable salar d’Uyuni, la plus grande mer de sel du monde !